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Whether you are just starting out, or are at the helm of a seasoned enterprise, these guides are intended to provide you with valuable business planning information.

Starting A Business

Are you planning to start a new business? We understand that starting a new business can seem like a minefield. What do you need to do? What and who do you need to know? Where and what do you need to register? How to register? What records should be maintained? What options do you have for using Cloud accounting? How can you minimise your tax liability while maximising your profits?

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Limited Companies

There is one main rate of corporation tax of 19%. The corporation tax rate is to reduce to 17% from 1 April 2020.

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Running Your Business

Finance and legislation are at the heart of every business. It may be a question of boosting profits, managing costs, ensuring that operations and processes are as efficient as possible, or securing the funds necessary for growth and expansion.

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Even the strongest relationships can suffer in times of adversity. Good planning is an essential part of creating a successful business partnership. Our guides provide information on important aspects of your partnership, such as setting up a formal agreement and planning for the unexpected. It is essential to seek our advice with regard to partnerships matters.

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Your Employees

No matter how much cash there is in the bank or how large its stock is, a firm’s most valuable asset is its employees. Taking care of your staff can make the difference between an ordinary business and a truly successful one.

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Selling Your Business

A strategy to maximise the assets of your business on its sale requires patient, advance planning.

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